Psycho Syd

Each of us fear the dreaded cancer -but Syd’s description of what he went through brings to life the real hell of what cancer sufferers experience – add to this a broken heart, a single parent, loneliness and despair and what do you get? A gripping read.

thedeath and life of psycho syd

His Best Selling Book…

The Death and Life of Psycho Syd…

The best book I’ve read in years. Syd invites you into his roller-coaster life and you just have to hang on.

More About Psycho Syd

Syd was born in Manchester and grew up on a council estate. He was nicknamed Psychedelic Syd which was later shortened to Psycho Syd.

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The Death and Life of Psycho Syd – Part 2 – Where is my mind?

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What The Critics Say


This book will change your perspective on life

A really interesting saga about life basically, how one minute all is a bed of roses and the next a pile of manure . A Saga of strength in the face of terminal illness, child care and a double crossing witch of a wife .A fabulous read, difficult to put down,


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