Welcome to the crazy world of Psycho Syd. As I am always as busy as a blue-arsed fly it has taken me donkey’s years to eventually get my Psycho Syd website up and running. And that only happened because of a chance meeting with a website designer I helped opened a bank account in the south of Thailand. Ta very much Phil.

I relocated to Koh Lanta in November 2020 to live the dream on a tropical island. My 11-year-old son Jo and Alfie my seven-year-old rescue staffy joined me. We have had a fabulous time but not without hiccups. The most tragic event was the unexpected death of my soulmate in March 2022. Yes my loyal partner Alfie suddenly bit the dust and passed over the rainbow bridge and it broke my heart. I am still grieving for him.

I rescued Elfie from the dog-pound in Phuket so she is the new member of the Psycho Syd tribe. She will never replace Alfie of course, but I am happy that I gave her a loving forever home.

I will post regular blogs with images and videos of our madcap life here and I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating. It may even inspire you to join me in paradise.

And last but not least I will be flogging my first book, taking pre-orders for my follow-up book, selling my e-books and art prints. Do me and yourself a favour and buy something because I am saving up for a pot to piss in!.

Well, that’s it for now. Let the adventure begin.

And last but not least, yes I do love you because “All You Need Is Love.

Hello, I Love You

Written by : Syd

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