Things to do on and near Koh Lanta Number One.

Two friends of mine visited Koh Lanta last month and during their stay, each of them had a massage at the “Kind Angels” massage parlour. They both said the massage was excellent so I decided to give it a try one afternoon before picking Jo up from school.

I don’t often get massages. The last one was over a year ago when I had pain in my back. The masseur on that occasion wasn’t kind – she was an “Angel From Hell.” I was in agony as the lady tortured me but two hours later the pain in my back disappeared and has never returned. Heaven must be missing an angel!

The first massage I ever had was many blue moons ago in 1988. That took place in Georgetown on the island of Penang in Malaysia and I got more than I expected. Things are not always as they seem in life, are they? If you have already read my first book then you will already know what took place and if you haven’t and are curious to find out about that “Danger, Danger, High Voltage” experience then click this link.

The girl who gave me the massage at Kind Angels was named Tukta which translates to doll. She’s a 38-year-old single mum with a 6-year-old daughter who lives her with relatives in north-eastern Thailand. Tukta works on Koh Lanta and the money she earns is sent to her family. She only receives money when she massages a customer. there is no basic salary.

It was 1.45 pm on Halloween 2022 when I lay on my stomach in the massage parlour. This “Living Doll” began pressing her fingers into my feet and legs. I closed my eyes and focused on my breath entering and leaving my nostrils as soft music floated around the room. Every now and again I would take a sharp intake of breath and groan as she pressed hard. She moved up to my back, arms, shoulders and neck continuing to work on my muscles. It was a pleasant experience even though I had the occasional painful twinge.

She turned me over and continued massaging my body.  She used her hands, elbows, knees and feet to work on almost every part of my body. Not THAT part though. This wasn’t a “Happy Ending” joint as far as I knew. Not that I was looking for that kind of extra service. A happy ending as far as I was concerned would be falling madly in love in a fairytale dreamworld and living happily ever after.

The massage finished in time for me to collect my son from school. I felt refreshed and even mused about getting a weekly massage. I had a Thai oil massage and it was good. I am sure I will review other massage parlours in the future but Kind Angels definitely gets the two thumbs up from me

Written by : Syd

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