Hiya, while I’m out and about in the land of smiles I snap photos of my life in Paradise. I offer some of these in limited editions of ten. They are high-quality giclee art prints on museum pro canvas. Each print comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Each print and certificate cost just 19.99 pounds. These prints are not big earners for me, I only make about five quid on each order. However, I am happy to do this as a thank you for all the support you lovely people have given me.

At present, the art company in the UK pack and ship the prints for me. I am in a discussion with them on how this will work for international deliveries as well as shipping costs for orders of two or more prints. Until we have the full details, Phil my amazing web designer cannot incorporate the shipping costs into our checkout page. As soon as the art company gets back to me this little spanner in the works will be promptly sorted out.

In the meantime, I have arranged a temporary agreement for those of you who wish to order one or more of these prints.

shipping for 1 to 6 prints is as follows;

UK address = 5 pounds

Europe address = 18.30 pounds

International address = 22.50 pounds.



I will now show you the six prints I have for sale. This first image is a shot of my rescue staffy Alfie Standing tall and proud on Saladan Beach just a month before he suddenly passed away.  I rescued him from an animal shelter way back in September 2014 when I was a skeleton fighting stage four mouth cancer. I was alone in Blackpool in northwest England taking care of my two young children. During this frightening period of my life, Alfie was by my side at all times. He was next to me on the sofa at night as I winced in pain. he licked the tears from my eyes as I fought for my sanity and my life.

We would walk together in the local park and I would talk to him, telling him all Daddy’s problems. he listened like a good boy and he was my very best friend. I still grieve for Alfie a year later. I thought that I rescued Alfie but the truth is that he rescued me.

This is the first time this glorious print titled Alfie has been offered for sale. There are just ten of them, so be quick if you would like one. 10 remain.

The second print on offer “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is another image of a man’s best friend. Over two years ago I first met a beautiful street dog which I named Scruffy outside a shop in Saladan on the island of Koh Lanta in southern Thailand. And since then I visited almost every day giving him treats. He had an owner but loved getting bits to eat from the many visitors who had fallen in love with him. Lanta Animal Welfare always looked after him, giving him the medications he required and frequent baths and grooming.

He would always wag his tail when he saw me. A few months back he was joined by a  white dog I named Fluffy and together they would-be handed treats from me and many others. Alas, things turned from good to bad when Fluffy began attacking Scruffy. On two occasions he had to be taken to the animal hospital with bite wounds. I later learnt that Scruffy’s owner had died. Lanta Animal Welfare decided that the best thing for Scruffy would be a forever-loving home. An animal-loving friend of mine in the UK offered to take Scruffy. I am happy for Scruffy but of course, will miss him

9 prints remain.


Here are the other four prints available


Sunset Swing


Sunset Swing is a snap of the sundown on Saladan Beach northern Lanta Yai Island.

Sunset Swing -Just 4 remain

Pretty in Pink is the beautiful image on the right when the sky turned into a magical pink dream

Pretty in Pink – Just 8 remain.






Next, we have these two lovely images. This one is titled Golden Touch and was shot from the Nai Rai Seeview art cafe.

Golden Touch- Just 6 remain

The image on the right is titled Hurry On Sundown, another one taken from the Nai Rai Seeview Art Cafe.

Hurry on Sundown – Just 8 remain




For more detailed images you can click the following link. It will state that these prints are out of stock because sales are on hold until the art company provides us with the information we need. But those of you reading this blog are lucky because you can buy one or more before they really will be out of stock because there is only ten of each print in the Limited Edition.


Therefore this is a great opportunity to buy a print. Just send me a message on the below link with what you would like to order, not forgetting to give me your address so I can calculate the shipping and I’ll get back to you with a quote. Of course, you can contact me and ask any questions you like. Love Syd xx







Written by : Syd

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