Things to do on or near Koh Lanta Number Two

The video below is of my Dutch friend Sophie, kayaking for the very first time. She reached Vulture Island and spent a further hour enjoying time in the sea.


If you have two or three hours to spare you could kayak across to Vulture Island from the Nai Rai Seeview Art Cafe.

They have a couple of two-seater kayaks available at a cost of 300 baht per kayak. Lifejackets and a waterproof bag for your phone and other valuables can be provided too,

The Nairai Seeview is at Saladan Beach north of Lanta Yai. click on the link to see the Facebook page

They have a great beer garden with fabulous views and gorgeous sunsets Plus the beach is not touristy so it is a good place to walk my dog.

As I’m no longer a boozy beer monster I enjoy a tasty banana and mango shake – no milk and no sugar. There are usually a few friendly ex-pats hanging around to enjoy a natter with.

If you decide to kayak to Vulture Island contact Wanna at the Nai Rai. It is important to time your adventure just right so you must check the tide. Ideally, it should be around high tide so you can set off right from the Nai Rai and return while the tide is still high. It is called Vulture Island because locals say it looks like a vulture lying down on the beach.

Here you can see my friend beautiful Wanna posing with crazy old me one very hot afternoon.

In conclusion, kayaking is a well worthwhile adventure to undertake while the tide is high.

And of course, popping into the Nai Rai Seeview for a drink is a refreshing treat. You can even go posh and sup a gin and tonic or a Scotch on the rocks if you are partial to hitting the top shelf as you watch the sun go down.

And while you are there why not look at the works of art in the sudio that are for sale



Well, I’m chuffed to say my mate Sophie had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed her kayaking adventure to Vulture Island. The video above is her return to the Nai Rai Seeview Art Cafe.

I forgot to mention that you can get real coffee here too. Iced coffee, fresh coconuts, and mango, and passion fruit shakes.

The image is of Sophie and her return to the Nai Rai. She was a bit tired after paddling for a couple of hours.

Your turn next xx

Written by : Syd

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