Just over a year ago, I was brokenhearted when Alfie passed away. It really was a crazy week as I raced around southern Thailand in a desperate attempt to save my beautiful best friend in the whole world. When I was alone in agony fighting stage four cancer Alfie was with me 24/7. I am still grieving one year later but the pain is less severe because as we all know time is a healer. But I will never heal fully because Alfie is always in my mind and in my heart.

The first image is of my gorgeous rescue staffy painted by Somchai. My good friends chipped in and when they surprised me with this painting, this gobby Manc which speechless with tears in his eyes. This image is from a photo of my soulmate on Saladan Beach. I have decided to offer ten high-quality prints in a limited edition for my friends.

While I was grieving after Alfie passed away I decided to write a book about my incredible connection with Alfie. I finished a couple of chapters and this project is on the back-burner because I must finish my follow-up book “Where is My Mind?”

Anyway, I will leave you with my unedited first chapter which I wrote the day after Baby Alfie crossed the rainbow bridge.


Chapter One


I gazed into a pair of dazzling amber eyes and instantly knew that my search was over-I’d found my soulmate.

Wonder was written all over my face because I’d always assumed that my soulmate would be human. Either an animal-loving hippy chick who loved psychedelic music or an adventurous punkish girl with itchy feet. But my soulmate was another species.

I had fallen head over heels in love with Alfie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

We continued staring into each other’s eyes. The energy was magical as pure love flowed between the two of us. We both knew we had found the one!

It was the 15th of September 2014 and Alfie was in a cage in my living room. He’d come from a nearby animal shelter, and I’d rescued him. However, as you’ll soon see, he was the one who rescued me.

I opened the cage and Alfie went wild with excitement as I picked him up and placed him on the sofa. I hugged and stroked him as he licked my face ecstatically. Our two hearts beat as one.

It’s now 31st, March 2022, about seven and a half years later, and as the title suggests, Alfie is no longer alive. He died yesterday, and all I have left of Alfie are his ashes wrapped in a white cloth, my memories, and the hope that his soul is with me, and that we’ll meet again when it is my turn to cross the rainbow bridge.

Of course, I’m distraught and struggling to hold onto my sanity as I mourn the loss of my true love.

This book was written for two reasons. First and foremost, as a tribute to Alfie, the most beautiful being I have ever met; second, as a heart-breaking but healing journey through the most wonderful seven and a half years of my life.

It’s time to drift back to that incredible day when a lonely old man fighting stage four cancer and a homeless dog made an amazing connection and fell in love.

You’re in for a heart-warming and inspiring journey not only in the UK but on the other side of the planet too.

You’ll love it!

There are just ten prints available priced at 19.99 pounds each. They are very high-quality Giclee art prints on pro museum canvas. You can find out more by clicking the link below.


The image below is of Alfie, and the rescue staffy standing tall and proud on a tropical beach. Check it out by clicking the link.







Written by : Syd

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