In the summer of 2019, I contacted the CEO of Blake Mill Artisan Shirts telling him how I loved them so much and that Blake Mill shirts were the finest collection I had ever seen.

Since my cancer diagnosis in 2012, I had been walking around at Rock Bottom. I hated myself, I hated the way I looked, so I dressed like a homeless hobo. I just didn’t care.

My life had fallen apart when I had been diagnosed with the Big C, I was told it was terminal and my maximum life expectancy was just six months. My mother died then my wife abandoned me just when I needed her most. I was all alone with two young children aged four and fourteen. Very scary indeed.

I fought like a warrior because my kids needed me. they had no one else in the whole wide world except their pitiful old man. Believe me when I say that my life was an agonising nightmare. I had lost my mind too as I fought the despair and endless thoughts of suicide. although I couldn’t do “myself-in” because of the deep love I had for my children. For the life of me, I couldn’t do that to them.

I survived on a diet of fruit and green leafy veg, distilled water, herbal tonics and supplements. I forced my broken body to walk. Much to everyone’s astonishment I was declared cancer free in November 2017.

I hated my life on benefits in northwest England so wrote a book in the hope of raising enough money to return to the tropics. I gave inspirational talks at major venues around the UK. My book sold well and my talks had people laughing their heads off and crying their eyes out.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to make an effort to smarten myself up. therefore it was the resurrection of Psychedelic Syd. Bought vintage shirts and looked a lot more colouful and brighter. Although each time I gazed into the looking glass and said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of them all?”

It would always answer, ” You are Syd because the cancer and the harrowing treatment have left you looking like the Elephant Man’s ugly brother.

Yes, my cocksure Mancunian swagger had disappeared with its tail between its legs. But I kept fighting trying to look on the bright side of life.

Much to my amazement Ken Price the Blake Mill CEO replied to my email offering to support me. He sent me four free shirts and I wore them at my inspirational talks. He has continued supporting me ever since and I will choose two or three from the latest batch.

I eventually arrived back in the tropics and Ken has sent me shirts ever since.  Kindness such as this makes all the difference when sometimes you feel like the loneliest person in the world.

Anyway, I asked Ken if he would like to offer a discount to my friends when I open my website. He agreed and has offered a 20% discount on one order per person and this is open until the end of June 2023. Use the discount code FRIENDOFSYD to get your 20% discount. 


In this blog, you’ll see me with my arm around many beautiful ladies who bought my book. Although I’m still single of course. I’ll have to get a tattoo if I want a pretty girl on my arm again haha

I must stress that if you place an order with Black Mill then I will not receive any commission. I do this as a thank you to my friend Ken and a big ta very much to all the wonderful friends who have supported me.

To check out all the mind-blowing shirts at Blake Mill click this link

When I get time I’ll write a blog and choose my top ten Blake Mill Shirts. They are different by design.


Loads of Love

Psychedelic Syd xx


Written by : Syd

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