Hiya my lovely mates. This is the first post regarding places to eat on Koh Lanta. I hope to add one or two a week. Soon it will have its own category. There will also be categories for places to stay and things to see and do plus other info re visas, flights, relocating here, etc.

As I review the eateries it is important to mention that I’m vegan and haven’t eaten meat etc for over sixty-flipping years. Almost all the eateries have vegan options but they also sell meat, and fish dishes too. There are a couple of vegetarian/ vegan places that I will review soon.

Another point I must make clear is that after the cancer and its harrowing treatment is that I can no longer eat any spicy food whatsoever which is sad because I love spicy food. Shit happens in life as we all know too well. Although I can still enjoy spicy femme fatales, well I would if any hot lady showed any interest but as the Big C has left me looking like the creature from the crypt I haven’t pricked up any hot woman’s ears yet. Lol.

So, I normally drink fruit juices and fruit shakes and eat a Massaman Curry – just soft potatoes so I can swallow it easily. Anyway, I’m not grumbling coz it’s a blinking miracle I’m still alive.

Right, time to let you know about the Together Cafe. It opened in October 2022 and has had a good first season. Each time I have popped in there have always been other customers. In fact, it was opened by my next-door neighbour and she is very happy with her first high-season custom. She has informed me that she will stay open during the low season too. S0, if you are a local or are visiting off-season then give it a try.

At the front of the cafe, there are five tables for those who like to sit outside and watch the world go by. If you are feeling the heat then pop inside and enjoy your food in the aircon room.

The service is great and the staff are friendly. Free WI-FI which is the norm. They serve real coffee and burgers, spaghetti and pasta dishes as well as Thai curries, fried rice and Pad Thai. They sell cold beer, soft drinks, juices, smoothies and shakes.

So I cannot really tell you about the food except for the Massaman Curry which is really tasty. My carnivore friends say all the dishes are delicious but as a lifelong vegan, I cannot promote meals for my corpse-munching mates, can I?

The owner tells me that she serves vegan burgers and vegan salads, and all the curries have a vegan option with vegetables and tofu.

All in all well worth a visit.

Here is the Together Cafe Facebook Page


Finally, if you say the magic words “PSYCHO SYD” you will get 10% off your food bill.


Written by : Syd

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