If you are on Koh Lanta then take the opportunity to visit the fabulous twin islands of Koh Rok.

With crystal clear waters, sunkissed blonde beaches, and a walk through the steamy jungle to a viewpoint this is a not-to-missed chance to spend a day living your wildest dream in paradise. In fact, you can stay for longer because you can stay overnight or even for a few days in a tent on the beach or in one of the bungalows. when I was there last in March 2023 I had a chat with the national park staff and was told that the tents cost 400 baht a night ( about ten pounds) and the bungalows which can sleep three people 2000 baht a night (50 quid).

Koh Rok National Park is open from November to April. The national park fee for non-Thai nationals is 400 baht for adults and 200 baht for kids. it takes about 45 minutes to get there by speedboat and most resorts sell tickets that include snorkels, flippers, fruit, water, soft drinks, and lunch. A day trip costs between 1,200 to 1,600 baht and doesn’t include the national park fee. I usually book a speedboat with my good friend Bee who I’m sure if you tell her you are a mate of Psycho Syd will give you a great price. https://www.facebook.com/seahorselantatravel

The image is of Jo, my 14-year-old son enjoying his time in the sea.

There is a small restaurant where you can get basic meals and for vegans like me, they will whip up vegetable fried rice. They also sell beer and snacks but prices are higher than on the mainland. Obviously, the first thing to do is jump into the sea and right off the beach you’ll see so many colourful fish. Next, take selfies on the mind-blowing beach to send to the folk back home with the caption – hello from paradise.

Hope you like my cheeky Hello from Paradise selfie that I sent to my friends back home way back on January 2021. This was lockdown time in the Uk and travel to Thailand was not permitted. Our speedboat was the only boat there. We had the island of Kok Rok all to ourselves. perfect. On my visit in March 2023, there were about 7 boats.


If you can drag yourself away from the sea and the beaches there is a circular walk for the fit and healthy or even the not-so-fit if you take it slowly.

The walk is a sweaty 20-30 minute climb up concrete steps to the viewpoint so take plenty of water and stop to take breaks when you are breathless. Enjoy the experience don’t make it a struggle.


On my last visit, lots of kids managed the uphill slog most of them aged between 6 and 12. A man carried his toddler and a couple of old codgers like me did it. Once at the top, you’ll be at the top of the cliff for some great views. Be careful near the edge, of course.

Then the steps twist down all the way back to sea level. You’ll soon make your way through some mangroves and once again be walking barefoot on the beach and swimming in the warm sea to wash the sweat away. It will take about an hour to complete the circle. Look at the video to see the beach we arrived at after our walk. Bloody gorgeous.


We arrived back at the first beach near the restaurant and my son spotted a monitor lizard. You will surely see one if you go to Koh Rok because they are plentiful.


We visited Koh Rak Nai, which translates to the inner island – closest to the mainland.  On my trip in March 2023, we popped over to Koh Rok Nok which means outer island. The beach was gorgeous and swimming divine with loads of fish all around Loving it.


And just to show that there’s no fool like an old fool have a look at this old coffin dodger posing with a beautiful young friend of mine. Lol.

Anyway, if you would like my eBook about Koh Rok which is a half guidebook and half adventure story of my first visit to this tropical paradise with a strange final twist then grab one from this link and me and my boy will each have a mango shake on you. https://psychosyd.com/product/the-adventures-of-psycho-syd-in-paradise-1-koh-rok/

Written by : Syd

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