Hiya my wonderful mates, are any of you envious of my life on a tropical island in the sunshine?

Well, why not pay me a visit and stay here for a month or even a year or more? It sounds like a wild dream that is too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, read on and I’ll show you one of the ways the dream can become a reality.

How about volunteering with Lanta Animal Welfare here on Koh Lanta? You need to be at least 25 years old and stay for at least a month. As I’m a regular visitor to this animal rescue I have met lots of people from around the world who have volunteered and they have loved helping the rescued cats and dogs.

For the first month, you will be charged 6,000 baht to cover your accommodation costs. However, the second month is free. If you stay longer and the sanctuary is happy with you then you will most likely receive free accommodation for as long as you stay. Plus Lanta Animal Welfare will sort your volunteer visas out.

You work 5 days a week, 6 hours a day. it is hard work walking dogs, feeding both dogs and cats and cleaning their living space. Lots of fun too

Some volunteers do a bit of online work in the evening to get a bit of extra spending money.

The founder Junie and the manager Jack are good friends of mine and my son Jo often visits to get dogs used to children.

In fact, Junie helped to rescue Scruffy the street dog I befriended over two years ago. Unfortunately, a few months back he kept getting attacked by another dog and was taken into LAW a couple of times. Junie decided that Scruffy needed to be found a permanent home and luckily a friend of mine in the UK has agreed to give him a forever-loving home. in the meantime, Scruffy is living at Lanta Animal Welfare. I will of course keep you all updated with his happy-ending tale.



In the video below you can see Scruffy on one of his daily walks.


Well, that’s all for now and I hope to see some of my mates on this tropical island soon. You are welcome to send me a message at any time to ask any questions. For now, I suggest you click the link below to find out more about volunteer opportunities. You can download information and volunteer experience packs and watch a video too. You can apply online


As I’m a well-known vegan and animal lover you can always mention my name and no doubt my mate Jack will ask me about you, so the magic words “Psycho Syd” could soon help to have you living the dream in paradise. And once again I make no commission on anything I do or promote on this site. My reward will be the smile on your face when I meet you here and the joy in my heart at the love and care you will be giving the voiceless.


Written by : Syd

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