I have eaten at Pangpon Mexican restaurant for over a couple of years now. It serves cheap tasty food and has many vegan options. I usually go for a vegan massaman curry and sometimes scoff some potato crispies plus mango juice. It is only five minutes from my house so it is convenient for me. I sometimes order some food to take home for me and my boy.

Pongpon not only serves Mexican food but also has a large selection of both Western and Thai dishes. She fully understands the meaning of vegan knowing that no animal products including dairy, eggs, fish sauce, etc are to be used. She can veganise most dishes by substituting tofu for the meat…


The restaurant was very popular during the high season and was full most evenings. There are three tables outside at the front and many tables inside.

The good news is that Pangpon will remain open during the low season to provide tasty dishes for her regular customers who live here.

Most evenings you will be entertained with live music by guitarist Yuan who belts out songs from the 60s to the 90s. Think of Dire Straights, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles. If you have a good voice or can play the guitar he welcomes you to form a duo. there is often a party atmosphere.

Yuan has a very good knowledge of music so you can ask him for your favourite song and there’s a chance that he will know it. Deep Purple, Gloria Gaynor, Abba, and Queen are just a few of the artists  that he has covered.

I popped in yesterday evening and REM was the band and he was joined by a Danish Girl who played the guitar.






The restaurant also has a big box of toys for the kids and you will often see many toddlers playing together on the floor. No shoes inside to keep the floor clean. Makes sense.

You can find out more by visiting the Pangpon Facebook page here  


And finally, if you say the magic words “Psycho Syd” you’ll get a 10% discount on your food bill.

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Written by : Syd

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