I popped into the Non Du Lay Vegan and Vegetarian cafe yesterday with a friend of mine. It is close to Saladan Pier and customers must walk through a passage beside a guesthouse to the cafe. You will arrive at an outdoor seated area with views across the sea to Lanta Noi (The smaller island) a few hundred metres away. While I was there I watched the speedboats and ferries dropping off and picking up customers at the nearby pier. In fact, the pier is just a two-minute walk away so the Non Du Lay is the perfect place for a drink and a scoff before catching a boat to another island.

It is easy to find because you will notice a blackboard outside.

It was busy when we arrived and I met three friends of mine who were already eating. I ordered a vegan burger and a mango shake. The food arrived quickly. The owner knows me and knows that I’m vegan but whenever I order a fruit shake I always stress no sugar and no cow’s milk.

The lady running the cafe has been serving vegan and veggie food for a number of years so she fully understands the meaning of vegan.

The vegan burger was tasty and the mango shake was delicious. Just sitting by the sea watching the boats come and go was brilliant. Definitely recommended. I have tried her chocolate vegan cake which is delicious.

I will return soon and find out if this cafe will remain open during the low season as well as find out about the guesthouse.

My friend had the 100% vegan salad and told me it was very good. Last year I ate the vegan patty with hummus, salad, and hot bread which I enjoyed.

All in all a great little cafe to while away an hour or two.

Check back for an update soon for updates.

Here’s a link to the guesthouse and cafe


Anyway, I’ll leave you with a pic of my view from yesterday. You can see my vegan burger and mango shake.

Much Love

Syd xx

Written by : Syd

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