If you are spending time on Koh Lanta then don’t forget to attend the Time for Lime cooking school to learn how to make some tasty Thai dishes to impress the folks back home. It really is a must-do experience. And what’s more, all the profits go to helping rescued cats and dogs

In January 2022, I went with my son Jo and we enjoyed ourselves as dad and lad got stuck into doing a bit of cooking.

First, it was cocktail time, but for me, the teetotal ex-beer monster it was mocktail time. I made a lemongrass drink and it was excellent even though I say so myself. Jo enjoyed his drink too.

Teacher Noi is absolutely brilliant and so helpful. He has a warm personality and cracks a few jokes to keep the students entertained. He’s a lovely bloke as well as a fabulous instructor.

We were now ready to do some cooking.

I started singing, “Hey, good looking, what you got cooking?

“Vegetable fried rice and sweet green curry” I replied to myself.

My food was vegan of course and I didn’t add a Californication of Red Hot Chilli Peppers because after the mouth cancer ten years back I cannot eat spicy food because it burns like hell. Sad because I love spicy food the spicier the better. I can still handle spicy girls though, the hotter the better but that is another sad story because none of them are the slightest bit interested in a madcap old coffin dodger like me.

Noi provides lots of information about the history of Thai food, and the different herbs and spices. It really is a joy attending.


As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. And if you need a break from prepping, chopping, stirring, or tasting then Time for Lime is the perfect place to escape the hotness because the pool is just two steps away!

Noi is so friendly and lets his students take a break whenever they like.

Sitting in the pool with an ice-cold beer or a mocktail in my case is heavenly. Chilling for a while and talking with your fellow students in paradise is blissfully calming and before you know it you’ll be revitalised and ready, steady, go to finish off your dishes.

As I mentioned at the beginning Time For Lime is a charity and all the profits go to help cats and dogs which are rescued and cared for at Lanta Animal Welfare.

Now, during your cookery class, you are bound to meet some of the beautiful cats and dogs who have benefitted from the students attending the cooking school. Many of those who attend the school make a fuss of the cats and dogs they meet.

At the end of the day, you will have finished some Thai dishes, learnt so much about Thai cuisine, had a dip in the pool, met some new friends, laughed at teacher Noi’s jokes, met some rescued cats and dogs as well as going away with all this you will also have the warm feeling inside that you have contributed to helping the voiceless on Koh Lanta.

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

A bit more info

We are the original Cooking School on Koh Lanta island, and have been teaching students chefs for 20 incredible years!

The profits from Time For Lime go directly to the charity Lanta Animal Welfare, which conducts sterilization/rabies vaccination programs and gives vital help to abused and injured stray animals on the island and surrounding areas. This also keeps Koh Lanta a better place to be for YOU, too!

More than 20,000 people have learned and enjoyed to make authentic Thai dishes, because of this more than 50,000 animals have been helped by Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW).


Junie Kovacs the owner of Time For Lime has a multi-cultural background. She is a true foodie & animal lover.

Junie started Time For Lime out of a love of food.
Junie founded LANTA ANIMAL WELFARE out of a love of animals. There were just too many abused, injured & starving homeless animals and she could no longer watch them suffer.

By visiting Time For Lime, YOU help to support neglected animals.





All in all, I had a fabulous time as did my son

And Just look at what this daft old codger cooked-up

It was proper “Goldilocks” – not too salty, not too sweet – Yes you’ve guessed it —It was just right.

Looks good hey? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn to cook up some delicious authentic Thai Cuisine as well as helping neglected and injured animals. A win-win situation for all concerned.

And with my new-found cooking skills, I may well impress a hot vegan female who will turn a blind eye to my gruesome visage after tasting my delicious Thai cooking. if that pipedream comes true I’ll owe Teacher Noi a large bottle of ice-cold beer. In my dreams. Lol




Written by : Syd

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