In this things to see and do section I  not only write blogs about stuff to do on Koh Lanta but also places nearby. This post concerns the island of Koh Ngai which is also known as Koh Hai. This gorgeous island is just four kilometres long and two kilometres wide. It is 27 kilometres south of Koh Lanta and most people visit as part of a four-island day tour from Lanta. These tours cost about 700 baht and most resorts sell tickets. My friend runs Seahorse Lanta Travel and can book these tours for you too. 

Although I prefer to visit each island separately which gives me the full day to explore just one island. if you get a group together you can rent a longtail boat for about 6000 baht for the day to make your own private tour. Fruit, lunch, lifejackets and snorkelling equipment are included.

Well, more about this idyllic island with fabulous sun-kissed beaches and a jungle-clad interior. There are no cars, motorbikes, ATM machines or shops.  Now this isn’t the cheapest of places to visit with meals costing at least twice what you would pay on the mainland. The resorts are pricy too but you can always find a bargain. Of course, they are far cheaper than what you would pay in the West. These places are popular with the lovey-dovey “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” couples and families with kids who want to live the dream. This sun, sea and sand location is just what beach bums long for.

The main activities are chilling, sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming. For the energetic, you can hike in the jungle. This really is an amazing island to explore for a day or even a few days.

The highlight is the east coast with its 2.5 kilometre long soft white sand “to die for” beach. Sitting under a tree with an ice-cold beer or a fresh coconut is just like heaven. All but one of the resorts are located here. The spectacular views with the karst outcrops are breathtaking and this is the perfect place for that “hello from paradise selfie” for the folks back home.

The south-facing Paradise Beach is a gorgeous crescent of soft sand and dreamy crystal-clear water. It can only be reached by boat or a 30-minute hike through the steamy jungle. there is a resort here for those people who prefer a more secluded beach and believe me when I say this beach is absolutely awesome.

Well, that’s about all regarding this jewel in the deep blue Andaman Sea. If you do venture out and visit this gem it really will be an unforgettable experience. If you would like to discover more about Koh Ngai then you can always buy my mini guidebook. An added bonus is that there is also an account of our intrepid adventure there including a walk through the jungle and also our longtail boat getting stuck on a sandbar and having to wait for the tide to return. Life is an adventure. Just 3 pounds with 20% going to Lanta Animal Welfare. 

Also take into account this is one of the monthly adventures for parents, kids, teachers and friends of The International School of Asia. Check the school out here 

Written by : Syd

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