Steve, a vegan friend of mine was paying a visit to Lanta and he asked to have a look at Old Town on the other side of the island. So, I picked him up at noon and took the scenic Elephant Road across the jungly hills to the other side of the island. Old Town has beautiful views out to sea and a walking street full of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Steve bought a few bits and bobs and treated me to a new titfer (tit for tat translates to hat in cockney rhyming slang.) It cost just 200 baht – less than five quid.

Find out more about cockney rhyming slang here

We needed to get some vegan food so we popped into Grandma’s House. The vegan options were; hummus, avocado,roasted tomatoes baked beans and sourdough bread. I got hummous and avocado and Steve opted for Roasted tomato and avocado. Both dishes on sourdough bread. I sipped a mango shake and my friend had green tea.

This small eatery was very cosy and the owners very friendly. The family has been here for four generations. The owner is a Manchester United supporter but his primary school aged son is the wise one because he is a Manchester City fan.

I uploaded the image of me in my new hat to my Facebook Page and got so many compliments mainly saying how dapper I look. a couple told me it would make the perfect cover for my upcoming book. One woman even said I looked handsome and another stated that she was surprised I haven’t got a special femme fatale on my arm yet!

Maybe, I’ll have to get a tattoo of her. hahaha. It made me a bit dreamy as I tried to recall the lovey-dovey days of true hand-in hand, heart in heart romantic love. Hazy memories of looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses with my newfound forever true love. Although nothing lasts forever, does it? So, I’ll remain a Solitary Man til the day I die. But never say never!

A very beautiful woman arrived and sat at the table opposite. I smiled and introduced myself and she smiled back telling me that she was called Rebecca and was from Cambridge but had lived in Manchester.

I asked her what part of Manchester and she replied, “Chorlton.”

“Well blow me down Rebecca, I was born and bred in Chorlton. It’s a small world isn’t it?”

We chatted away and she was taking a few months off work to travel and Malaysia was next on the list.

And I must admit this young femme fatale would look good on my arm but that was never going to happen in a month of Sundays because she wouldn’t be interested in an old dinosaur like me and even if she was having a partner half my age is a no go zone. Been there, done that, and lost my house, my T-shirt, and my flipping mind.

Anyway, if you are reading this article Rebecca (I gave her my website address) then enjoy the rest of your travels and when you get back to Chorlton have a pint in The Horse and Jockey for me.

Back to Grandma’s house. If you ever visit Old Town then I highly recommend having a snack at the cosy little cafe. great service with a smile. Maybe buy some sourdough bread which is vegan. A great place to chill for an hour.

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Written by : Syd

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