Malina’s Kitchen is another restaurant I nip into for a vegan massaman curry. You are no doubt thinking that I eat nothing but massaman curry and you’re not far off the truth. You are probably scratching your skull wondering why I don’t eat anything else. Sadly the stage four cancer of the gob I was afflicted with just over ten years ago has kiboshed me tucking into all the other tasty Thai vegan dishes. Before the effing Big C, I would wolf down everything vegan – the spicier the better. Alas, nothing spicy now and even swallowing solid food is almost impossible. Rice, pasta and so many other things are Mission Impossible. Even slightly spicy sets my mouth on fire. So, I must have soft food but I have lots of fruit like mangoes and papaya.

In a way I shouldn’t grumble coz I am lucky to still be alive and kicking. Medical science gave me a maximum life expectancy of just six months – that was about 11 years ago.

Therefore I ordered a Massaman curry because it is very mild but I still must stress that no spice whatsoever and that the potatoes must be soft. Malina’s Kitchen has perfected the curry just to my liking.

Right, I have got that off my hairy chest so let’s get down to business and talk about this restaurant. Yesterday evening I took my vegan mate Steve to Malina’s. He ordered a plate of morning glory and a plate of pineapple, tofu, and vegetables. In the image, you can see his food and my massaman potato curry. He obviously enjoyed the food because he ate the lot as did I.

My vegan followers will be pleased to hear that Malina’s has many vegan options and the friendly staff will make sure that you get just what you are looking for. The service is great and the portions are large.

Malina’s was packed solid during the high season and you had to be there before sundown to grab a seat otherwise you had to wait until some diners left so you could jump in their places. They are still open during the low season except for Mondays. So this is a good time to visit and try some delicious Thai or Western food.

The image is of a vegan friend of mine who often visits Malina’s. Anyway don’t just take my word for it check them out on Trip Adviser 

And have a nosy at their social media page 

I’ll leave you with a few images. Please comment if you have visited Malina’s.



Written by : Syd

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