Are you feeling fruity?

And by that, I don’t mean are you in the mood for a session of passionate love. Hahaha.

I am inviting you to join me on my friend Toni’s 21-day fruit-only challenge that begins on the 1st of June.

You will be supported by Toni who has been a raw vegan for years so she knows her stuff when it comes to healthy eating. I will now show you her astonishing transformation from a junk food addict. Comfort eating to soothe her feelings of unworthiness. We have all been there, haven’t we?

The first image is of Toni a few years back. Yes, she is smiling and looks happy. But deep down she knew she was not doing her body or her mind any favours by wolfing down ready meals and processed food. These meals leave one sluggish and always hungry for the next junk food fix.

My friend Toni saw the light and completely transformed her life when she went raw vegan. Not only has she now got a naturally slim body but she is vibrant and joyous, filled with energy while vibrating with positive emotions. You can do the same too. It is not rocket science you know. Eating living foods, and fruit is the ultimate food for humans. Anyway, before I tell you my story of a fruit-only diet let’s have a look at the brand-new fruity Toni.

That is an amazing change, isn’t it? Since going raw vegan she really has morphed into a super-healthy woman.

So what are you waiting for? Join me on Toni’s 21-day Fruit Only Challenge. It is dirt cheap, just a pound a day and she will support you and you’ll be invited to a community of like-minded folk who have also decided that now is the time to build a glowing new healthy body and a sparkling new mind. This group will travel the fruit-only path together supporting each other. Go for it and I’ll be by your side too.

You can sign up here. 









Now I must stress that all the stuff I promote on this site I make no commission on. so if you sign up for Toni’s challenge I don’t get a penny -that’s the way I like it. aha aha.

The same with the accommodation, restaurants, and things to buy categories. I ask for nothing. However, I do charge for my own books and art prints. That helps me make ends meet and look after my son and my rescue hound.

Now I went 99% fruit only for very different reasons to Toni. From the age of five, I have never eaten animals. I was a veggie from that age eventually turning vegan. Even though I was fit and running, swimming and mountain biking in Laos my plant-based diet wasn’t the healthiest with chip butties, pizza, cakes, biscuits, and a few large bottles of beer each evening. I had to leave tropical paradise and return to the UK to throw myself at the mercy of the national health service because I was diagnosed with inoperable stage four mouth cancer and given a prognosis of just six months to live in April 2012.

My mum died a few months later and my wife of eight years abandoned me and the kids. I was all alone with two young children aged 14 and 4, alive to the fact that I was close to death. I was in the last chance saloon so began a fruit-only diet in a do-or-die attempt to survive. Much to everyone’s astonishment, I beat the Big C and was declared cancer free in November 2017.

The image of me lighting the candles on the cake was in September 2012 and the strong bloke was in June 2016 after a 99% fruit-only diet.

Here is my TED Talk

I have gone fruit only a couple of times in the last three years and this time I intend to stick to this healthy diet. I am not Postman Pat (fat) but I want to lose about 4kg while putting a bit of muscle on too. So if you join this 21-day fruit-only challenge I will support you too with daily updates in Toni’s group.

Not only is Toni a raw vegan but she rescues animals too. She rescued my girl Elfie from the Government pound in Phuket. 

Ok, it is decision time. Are you ready to join me on the path to Wellville? A healthy body and a joyous mind as we transform our lives. A new beginning? If so sign up and We will walk this road together.


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Written by : Syd

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