This is not spammy. This will be a new category where I will be recommending the services of friends who have impressed me with their services. People living on Koh Lanta primarily but also in other parts of Thailand and worldwide.

I knew I needed a website to promote and sell my books and art prints but was always too busy to get around to doing it. A few years back after six months of blood, sweat, and tears plus lots of swearing I eventually built my own site. I made so many mistakes and if I had any hair I would have torn it out.

I realised that I had to spend my time writing to make enough dosh to keep a roof above our skulls and food on the table so building a website was out of the question. It was a job that was always postponed to a later date.

A chance meeting with a man I met on Koh Lanta changed all that and as you can see I now have a super-duper website. We became close friends and we help each other with different things to ensure life runs as smoothly as possible in the land of smiles.

Therefore because of his help, I have decided to write this post as a big thank you to Phil. I highly recommend him and if anyone is looking for someone to build you a website at a bargain price then Phil Lockwood is your man.


I must stress that I am not on commission if any of my friends decide to get Phil to build you a website. He did say that if any of my mates contact him and mention my name he would give them a big discount as well as six months of free hosting. Yep, he has his own hosting company too. He can offer bargain prices because life on this small island is far cheaper than life in the UK.

On anything I recommend on this site whether it be Phil’s web design services, Toni’s 21-day juice-only challenge, or restaurants, accommodation, or future art and jewellery products made on the island you deal directly with the seller. I make nothing. I only make money from my own products -books, and art prints.

Ok, time to chat about my mate Phil.

My Review

He was absolutely brilliant and sorted my site out in no time. Friendly, patient, and helpful when I used him to change certain things on my site. He is top-notch and really knows his stuff. five stars from me.

But don’t just take my word. Read what others have to say.

Juanelle Holl

“And what an absolute deLight it was having Phil do this with me!! Absolutely gentleman and on the ball, the man is a Legend and a bloody genius!   Super impressed and grateful   Thanks, Phil! You rock!  “


“It really saves me time and effort. WOW, Hosting is exactly what our business has been lacking. I am really satisfied with my WOW Hosting. The service was excellent. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!”

Here are three sites that Phil has recently built.



Now it is time to visit Phil’s site

And you can contact him here and mention my name for the discount and six months of free hosting 


That’s all folks. Let me know if you decide to go with Phil and remember that I will never recommend anyone unless I have used their service or product.

Much Love

Psycho Syd xx

Written by : Syd

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