If you read yesterday’s post about building your own website you’ll know that a chance meeting with a website designer on the tropical island of Koh Lanta galvanised me into getting my shit together to finally open this website. Anyway Phil Lockwood is the bloke who built the site for me and made all the modifications and changes I requested he really is a genius when it comes to website design so check him out here


At first, the plan was to use the psychosyd.com website to sell my books and art prints. Phil sorted the shipping out for me. I also had a  blog to include short true-life stories. Then out of the blue, I decided to write a section about Koh Lanta for people who live here and those who come here for their holidays. This category will include cafes and restaurants, places to stay, things to do and see, and things to buy from creative people living here such as art, jewellery, and clothes. I must stress that a charge no commission for doing this. It is nice to be nice.

I will also have a category for those people who are thinking of moving here with articles about visas, accommodation, health services, schools for kids, flying pets here and so much more.

My final category which I will soon add will be Syd’s Recommendations. This will include people whose services or products I have used or bought and have been so impressed that I feel I must share them with you. Once again I make no profit on this.

As I am busy doing copywriting, completing the last few chapters of my follow-up book as well as housework, cooking, dog walks, school runs, etc I can only commit to 2 hours a day max working on this site. But I will try and add a post a day.

Next, I will be offering discounts on all my products for the month of June.


Keep your eyes open and if you have a bit of spare cash get something while it is discounted.


love Syd xx


Written by : Syd

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