My vegan mate Steve from the Uk arrived on the island so I sent him a message asking him where he was. He said that he was eating at Spring Rolls Lanta. I told him that I had never heard of it but said that I would find it and see him shortly. It was just a five-minute drive from my house. I was astonished when I arrived because they had a separate vegetarian menu with the majority of the dishes vegan. Flipping heck, I’d been living on the island for almost three years I knew nothing about it but my friend had been here less than three hours and was eating some tasty vegan food. Hats Off to Steve.

I had already eaten so ordered a mango smoothie with no sugar and it was delicious. I have been a few times since enjoying my usual vegan massaman curry and once treated myself to mashed potato balls which were filling and delicious. I have taken a few of my friends there too.

The lady who owns the restaurant is very friendly and speaks English fluently. She fully understands the meaning of vegan food. And the veggie menu is extensive. About 12 pages of mainly vegan dishes. I believe she will even teach people how to make the dishes as she will hold a class for those interested in the afternoon.

I discovered a blog by The Sunrise Dreamers that had this to say about Spring Rolls Lanta.

The biggest veggie menu in Koh Lanta

If you’re a vegan in Koh Lanta, Spring Rolls is one of the best places to find amazing vegan Thai food! They have the cutest orange cat (that will want to jump on your lap) and their hospitality is amazing.

We are obsessed with their vegetable and tofu curries, their noodle dishes and of course the fresh and fried spring rolls that they serve. Although there aren’t many fully vegan restaurants in Koh Lanta, these places totally make up for it!

The Sunrise Dreamers wrote a Koh Lanta Vegan guide. Check it out here 

Therefore, this is a great place to go for a bite to eat. friendly and very affordable for those on a budget.

Here is the link to Spring Rolls Lanta’s Facebook page.  


Take a look at some of the vegan dishes they serve


Written by : Syd

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