As a big thank you to my friends and followers, I have decided to offer discounts on my products. Take into account that I make very little on all my products. I keep them as cheap as possible making less than five quid on all products

The first offers will be on my first book The Death and Life of Psycho Syd -part one- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. The paperback normally retails for 13.99 pounds but it will now be selling for just 11.99.

You can score a PFD copy for just 3.99 instead of 4.99.

If you haven’t read this mindblowing true story yet then now is the time to go for it.

Find out more here.  

I also have four ebooks for sale – The Adventures of Psycho Syd in Paradise. Each book in this series covers a certain destination on or near Koh Lanta. They are in two distinct parts. The first half is a guide to the destination in case you ever feel like visiting the place and the second half is an account of my adventure there. There are four ebooks so far: Koh Rok, Koh Ngai, Koh Muk, and The Eastern Islands. Lots of gorgeous images to go with my riveting account. They sell for 3.00 each but you can buy all four for 8.00.

Perfect for those who are thinking of visiting Koh Lanta and great for the folks who love reading about travel.

Plus 20% is donated to Lanta Animal Welfare. Find out more here.

You will need to add all four ebooks to your basket to get the discount.

Find out more here 

Finally, we come to the limited edition art prints of photos I have taken during my travels. Each print normally retails for 19.99 but they are now discounted to 16.66 if you buy three.. There are only ten of each print available and you will also get a certificate of authenticity with your prints.  These prints are on museum pro canvas and are of the highest quality. They really are gorgeous. They would look fabulous in a frame on your walls.

You must add three prints to the basket to get your discount.

If you would like more than three prints please contact me and I’ll give you a quote.

Much Love

Syd x 










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