Koh Muk or Koh Mook as it’s sometimes spelt is a midsize island off the Trang Coast in southern Thailand. It is a gem of an island and as Muk in Thai means Pearl, so welcome to “Pearl Island.”It is still quite laid back and not as busy as some of the more touristy islands like Phuket and Koh Lipe. There are so many gorgeous beaches here, jungle walks, authentic villages and the star attraction Tham Morakot or Emerald Cave in English.

From Koh Lanta, most people visit Koh Muk as part of the “Four Island Day Trip.” It costs between 1,200 and 1,500 baht for this adventure. I prefer visiting each island separately. ferries run from Lanta to Muk during the high season from November to April. It takes about one hour and fifteen minutes.

I last visited Koh Muk in March 2020. there were no tourists during that time because Thailand was locked down. I hired a speedboat with a group of locals and we had a brilliant time.

The beaches were deserted and we were the only visitors to explore the magnificent Emerald Cave.

Tham Morakot or the Emerald Cave is a must-see attraction if you want to blow your mind. Your boat arrives at the cliff face, you don a lifejacket and follow
your guide for 80 metres through a dark tunnel. The water has a shade of emerald green and you eventually spot the light of the exist. What you see next will stick
in your mind forever.

Once you exist you will see a gorgeous sandy beach ahead. But look up and your jaw will drop in awe as you realise that you are in a sinkhole with vertical limestone cliffs reaching up to the sky. This place is so popular that boatloads visit daily. Getting there very early morning to escape the crowds is my advice.

There are so many beautiful beaches on Koh Muk. I have listed 10 in my mini-guide and adventure eBook which you find out more about by clicking the link below

We visited Farang Beach which is very popular with tourists. a sheltered bay with sunkissed soft sand and a warm sea in which you can splash and swim to your heart’s delight.

We also visited the secluded Sabai beach which is the most remote beach on the island. You can only get there by boat or a two-hour hike. We went by boat. Lol.

As well as the Emerald Cave, and the idyllic beaches it is good to have a wander around Barn Koh Muk village. Lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and minimarts. There’s even an ATM. A cold beer or smoothie is a must. For my vegan mates here is a link to the restaurants that have vegan options on Happy Cow


When I was on koh muk during the lockdown almost all the resorts, hostels and guest houses were closed but they are all back up and running now so you’ll have no problem finding a place to stay but around Christmas and New Year it is best to book ahead.

For the energetic, there’s a jungle walk from Koh Mook Resort to the remote Sabai Beach. As well as hiking through the rainforest you will visit four beaches. it will take half a day. I feel it would be better to spend a full day chilling at each beach for a swim. Keep your eyes open for the hornbills. There is a bit about the walk in the guidebook I mentioned above.

All in all Koh Muk is a fabulous place to visit for at least a day xx

This was yet another adventure for the parents and kids of The International School of Asia. Click the link to find out more




Written by : Syd

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  1. Nikki Griffin July 2, 2023 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Breathtakingly Beautiful, a must see. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

    • Syd July 23, 2023 at 1:50 am - Reply

      Thanks so much Nikki xx

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