AMAZING NEWS – Lanta Complex Thai Cooking School is now Offering ED Visas for 3-12 Months!



So if you are dreaming of moving to or staying on this dreamy island in tropical paradise then here is a way of getting a long-term visa. Plus you’ll learn how to cook up some very tasty Thai dishes too.

And there’s some fabulous news for my plant-based mates because not only do they provide the option of a vegetarian course to go along with the regular course they are now offering a 100% vegan course. Yippee.

You make all the dishes from scratch which means we go to the nearby market to buy the ingredients needed for each dish. So my vegan mates won’t be shopping for things such as shrimp and fish sauce. You won’t buy curry paste either because you will make your own pastes from fresh herbs and spices, etc.

Once you join the course you’ll be expected to take three two hour classes a week. This is perfect for digital nomads and those who want to spend time exploring this magical island. And you’ll also be able to  impress your friends and family by dishing up some authentic Thai dishes. Maybe whipping up a tasty Thai meal for your partner could spice up your romantic life too. 555.

555 in Thai is hahaha because 5 is ha therefore 555 is used as lol.

You will even get a certificate when you complete the course.

Here’s some further information about the course from Lanta Complex Thai Cooking School’s Facebook Page

Exciting News! Lanta Complex Thai Cooking School is now Offering ED Visas for 3-12 Months!
👩‍🍳 Learn, Taste, and Certificate!
Discover the art of crafting delicious and authentic Thai dishes while mastering essential cooking techniques. Our hands-on classes will not only teach you how to cook but also provide a delightful experience with like-minded food enthusiasts. Plus, receive a prestigious certificate upon completing the course!
🌶️🧄 Spice up Your Cooking Skills!
Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Thailand as you experiment with traditional ingredients and spices. From mastering the perfect Pad Thai to creating aromatic curries, our expert chefs will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you unlock the secrets of Thai cuisine.
🌴🌶️ Taste the Authenticity of Thailand!
At Lanta Complex Thai Cooking School, we believe in using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to bring out the true essence of Thai flavors. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of Thailand.
📞📩 Book Now or Inquire for More Info:
☎️ +66 (0)835091135
📩 email


So, I feel this is a brilliant way to spend a while on Koh Lanta. Not only will you live the tropical dream on this gorgeous island but you’ll soon be a certified superstar Thai cook too. You won’t have to worry about your visa because the school will take that and you’ll have loads of free time to enjoy yourself in paradise.

What are you waiting for?

The course is not limited to those looking for an Education visa. it is also open to those who already have other types of visas such as spouse, retirement, and guardian.

You can also book private cooking lessons for just yourself, or with your family, or with a group of friends.

Check out the website – No info regarding education visas yet but that information will soon be added. 

Facebook Page

Written by : Syd

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