So, you have visited the tropical kingdom of Thailand and you absolutely love it. You dream of staying here forever. Well, you can stay in paradise for a year or even longer if you have the correct visa.

One way of extending your stay is to learn Thai Boxing or Muay Thai as we say in the Land of Smiles. There are a number of Thai Boxing schools on Koh Lanta that will provide you with an education visa. The nearest to my home is the Lanta Muay Thai Complex and they offer 3-month, 6-month, and one-year visas.

The complex is in the centre of the popular Khlong Dao area with restaurants and a beautiful beach within walking distance.

Not only will you learn self-defence but Thai Boxing is a superb form of exercise that will increase your strength and fitness. It will boost your self-confidence and is a fab stress reliever, Lots of benefits for your mind and body as you live the dream in paradise.

The training packages including the Education Visa cost 45,000 baht for 12 months. You can find out all the details about getting an Ed visa and the Lanta Muay Thai Complex fees for their Ed visa packages by clicking this link

The complex has a gym that can be used by all students studying Muay Thai for free. They also have rooms that you can get a great deal on if you are taking a course.

I can guarantee you that Thai Boxing is a fabulous way to keep fit and get a lean to-die-for body. Although this form of self-defence is really the business and in an unexpected life-or-death encounter with some hoodlum it really could save your skin.

About 4 decades ago I studied Muay Thai in Manchester, England. The training left me exhausted but it did keep me super fit. You use legs, knees, elbows and fists. Although a Manchester Kiss (headbutt to the face) or a kick in the nether region is not permitted.  Lots of sparring kept me on my toes.

As a peaceful loving hippy kinda bloke, I did the training to keep fit not for actual fighting or self-defence.  I avoid violence at all costs. However, one dark night about 25 years I was walking over a highway bridge in Rangsit, Bangkok when out of nowhere a man appeared holding a large machete demanding money. I smashed him in the face with one hell of a punch with left him shocked. We grappled for a few seconds before he fled. I turned around and saw his accomplice smiling as he pointed a gun at me! I ran at him and screamed, “I hope that gun’s real because when I get hold of you I’m gonna rip your spine out with my bare hands. He just looked at me and ran away.

I noticed that a finger had been cut by the machete and cried like a baby when the nurse at a local hospital stitched it up. I was surprised at my sudden response at being attacked and obviously, all the Muay Thai training and sparring I had done all those years back had given me the confidence to fight back. And all I had in my ripped blue jeans pocket was 300 baht. lol. In retrospect, the sensible thing to have done would have been to hand it over and run.

I must stress that this was the only time in Thailand that I had a problem like that after living 15 years and I feel much safer in Thailand than I would in any city in the West. I have travelled all over the world and I suppose the golden rule to safety is to be aware of your surroundings and not walk alone in isolated places, especially at night. I can assure you that on Koh Lanta crime is almost unheard of and this island is a really safe place to live.

For those of you who have read my book then you’ll know I often go off at tangents recalling personal experiences. If you haven’t then check it out here. As these blogs are not paid advertising I always put a bit about me in them to make them real. They are for my friends who are thinking of either visiting or moving here.

Anyway that’s about it and if any of my friends feel like spending time on a tropical island learning Muay Thai with a long-term visa is a great idea. Maybe I will attend a few classes just to keep fit

Here are a couple of links to Thai Lanta Complex to find out more


Written by : Syd

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