Update 18th August

Hiya. my lovely mates.

I went and paid my mate Terry a visit a few days ago to check up on how his pods are coming on. The good news is that he has a prototype pod ready for viewing and he has sent me some images of how the interior. could look.

After the initial post about these pods, I was inundated with messages about the pods and I got a bit overwhelmed. I am not involved or working on this project, Therefore, please email Terry directly at terrymasonpods@outlook.com if you are interested in finding out more or viewing the show pod.


Terry has informed me that the standard production models will begin rolling off the production line from next month September 2023.

So, this gives you an idea of how the interior of the pod will look but of course, if you purchase one of the pods you’ll be able to discuss the interior design with Terry.

I will do the next update when I have images of the land which will be available to place your pods. There will possibly be a couple of options.

Important – These images are only an example of how the interior could look – Your idea of the interior could be completely different and of course, Terry will help you get the perfect interior design to suit you.

Written by : Syd

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