For a long time, I had a dream of living in the jungle with a like-minded group of friends. It seems like this dream is coming true. Isn’t Life Strange?

Last April I opened this website to promote my books, photos, and writing. As so many of my followers were interested in either moving to Koh Lanta or visiting on holiday I added a section about the island. I began adding blogs about hotels, restaurants and places to visit. I did this for my followers and as a favour to the businesses on the island which I liked. I will add more and of course, I never charge anything.

A few months ago I met an English bloke called Terry and we became pals meeting up two or three times a week for a chinwag. His latest project is manufacturing pods and they will start rolling off the production line from next month. I have written a couple of blogs about them already because I think they will be an affordable way for friends of mine to move to Koh Lanta.

Terry was looking at land and I tried to think of the perfect place for the pods. I remember going to a place called ASA Lanta almost three years ago and I was so impressed with this sanctuary surrounded by jungle. I became close friends with Anke and Will who owned this amazing slice of greenery. Sadly they closed it down during the COVID period but they are opening it again very soon.

I contacted Anke explaining my dream and that I believed ASA Lanta was perfect for Terry’s Pods. She liked the idea and arranged a meeting with Terry and Eureka the dream has come true.

Take into account that I am not involved in producing the pods or working for ASA Lanta. I am just a nosy writer getting info for this blog.

I believe the pods will cost 350.000 baht for fully furnished with a bathroom, kitchen, double bed or twin beds, bedside cabinets, a wardrobe, a couple of armchairs and a table. There will be a number of designs to choose from. You can buy just a pod with no furniture for about 280,000 baht and furnish it yourself.

The pods can be stacked one on top of another or side by side. They measure 7.5 x 3.6 metres.

Terry has worked in glass fibre for years and produced catamarans in Thailand, Check him out here

I have been informed that the pods would cost well over 20,000 pounds in the UK so at between 280,000 baht and 350,000 baht, they are a steal for those who are looking for permanent accommodation, a holiday home or extra income by renting them out.

Terry has told me that a 50,000 baht deposit will secure the pod. It is on a first come first served basis and the outstanding amount must be paid once the pod is complete and on your plot of land.

Now Anke and Will already have a team working on their land getting it in tip-top condition for the pods without losing its wildness. There will be just 30 plots available. Each plot will be 200 square metres so it will give you plenty of space for a garden too.  There will be plots near a small lake and plots in the jungle. There will be regular workshops including marshal arts and breathwork. This is perfect for people who want to live in a tropical paradise with like-minded friends.

The location is just 10 minutes by scooter to the village of Khlong nin with its markets, bars, restaurants, minimarts and last but not least a glorious beach.

I am grabbing a plot and if you are ready to live the dream with me then you better be quick because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live the dream at a very affordable price.

Ok that is enough from me.

If you are up for this the next step is to contact Terry at to ask further questions and order your pod then contact Anke at to get your plot and she will be able to answer all your questions regarding the land, lease, visas etc.


See you in paradise


Love Syd xx

Written by : Syd

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