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The Death and Life of Psycho Syd


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Isn’t life Strange?

A long line of bright red fire ants marched along a nearby branch of a bizarre tropical fruit tree. A massive purple butterfly fluttered its gorgeous wings beside a bright yellow flower. The early morning sun warmed Psycho Syd’s tanned flesh. He squeezed his pretty wife’s hand. He had found what he was looking for; the perfect place and the perfect partner. His two young children were playing under a coconut tree. Syd closed his sky-blue eyes and smiled. Welcome to Paradise.

He opened his eyes and stared at an off-white hospital wall and silently screamed. Terminal cancer. Just six months to live. He left the hospital hand in hand with his darling wife. The cruel Blackpool wind bit into his skin as the dirty grey clouds spat cold raindrops onto his terrified head. Syd closed his eyes and wept. Welcome to Hell.

He opened his eyes once more. He was a skeleton. He had to feed himself through a peg tube in his stomach to keep himself alive to the fact that he was dying. His dream lover had ditched him. He was all alone with his two young kids. He closed his eyes once more and giggled. Welcome to the Mother of all Fightbacks.

An Incredible Journey

Take a fantastic voyage to the centre of your mind. Raw and edgy with shed-loads of rib-tickling madcap humour. From the very first page, you will be standing right next to Psycho Syd. He takes you right there. Hold onto your jaw at each twist and turn.

Inspirational, Dark and Hysterically Funny

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